Best Kenya Tours and Safaris for Nature Enthusiasts

Masai Mara in Kenya with Zebras and Wildebeests
Located in East Africa and boasting dozens of wildlife conservation areas, Kenya is a dream destination for nature and wildlife lovers. Perfect for wildlife photography too! It is home to dazzling lakes, lush savannahs, dense forests, and mountain highlands — the perfect place to reconnect with nature and bask in its ambiance. Kenya’s wildlife safaris also add a unique touch to the whole nature experience as you get to go on amazing game drives and guided walks to spot some of the world’s most magnificent creatures. Here are the best places to visit for a true nature experience when planning for your Kenya tours and safari:

Great Rift Valley

Great Rift Valley Kenya. Best Kenya Tours and Safaris for Nature Enthusiasts. Gosheni Safaris Definitely a beauty to behold, the Great Rift Valley is a top tourist attraction in Kenya. Here, you can spot some of the largest, deepest, and oldest Lakes in the world. The Valley offers stunning views and encapsulates tremendous changes in topographic diversity with its scarps and volcanic Lakes, flat desert landscapes, ancient granite hills, coral reefs, and islets. The astounding view as you approach from Nairobi is quite unbelievable and activities in the Great rift Valley include game viewing, hiking, trekking, photography, guided walks, bird watching and more.

Mount Kenya

Mount Kenya is the second highest peak in Africa and stands in the shadow of its taller neighbor (Mt Kilimanjaro) which lies 320 km away in the south and is visible on a clear day. It is the weathered remnant of a large extinct volcano that was active several million years ago. Its main summits are the twins Bastien and Neilon and they can only be reached by means of technical climbing. Point Lenana is the third highest peak and it is a popular destination for trekking parties. Elephants, buffalo, leopard, lions, and more can be spotted here.

Lake Nakuru

Lake Nakuru Kenya with pink flamingos. Best Kenya Tours and Safaris for Nature Enthusiasts. Gosheni Safaris One of the most beautiful Lakes in Kenya, Lake Nakuru is located in Lake Nakuru National Park which was created in 1961 and is best known for its thousands, sometimes millions of fuschia pink flamingos nesting along its shores and lie in the Rift Valley of Kenya. Birdlife flourishes here and there is a myriad of other bird species that inhabit the Lake and surrounding area including African fish eagle, Goliath heron, pied kingfisher, and more. Eastern black rhinos, southern white rhinos, warthogs, baboons, waterbuck, python, leopard and other large mammals can be spotted

Hell’s Gate National Park

Located north of Nairobi. Hell’s Gate National Park is home to a wide variety of wildlife and bird species. It is a remarkable quarter of the Great Rift Valley and it is named for its intense geothermal activity within its boundaries. Hell’s Gates spectacular scenery includes the water-gouged gorges, stark rock towers, towering cliffs, scrub clad volcanoes and belching plumes of geothermal steam. Other attractions include raptor nesting in cliffs, tourist circuits, nature trails, health spa, hot springs, and many more.

Ol Pejeta Bush Camp

Ol Pejeta conservancy bush camp with Rhinos. Best Kenya Tours and Safaris for Nature Enthusiasts. Gosheni Safaris Alex Hunter’s atmospheric Ol Pejeta Bush Camp lies on the banks of the Ewaso Nyiro River in central Kenya’s Laikipia region. It is the ultimate in Kenyan hospitality and safari excellence. For discerning safari veterans searching for a luxury bush camp and looking to understand and enjoy the very best of world-leading conservation practices. Ol Pejeta Bush Camp is perfect for family safaris, active safaris, and romantic safaris. Activities include game drives, night drives, walking safaris, bush breakfast, and picnics, lion tracking, visiting the endangered species enclosure, horse riding with rhinos at the endangered species enclosure, and so much more.

Masai Mara

Located southwest Kenya, Masai Mara is the quintessential safari destination in Kenya. It covers 580 sq m and is home to the Big Five as it is famous for its thriving big cat population. Masai Mara Game Reserve hosts a number of experiences the largest land migration on earth which involves over 1.2 million wildebeest moving from the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania into Kenya Masai Mara Game Reserve. Activities to experience at the Mara include bird watching, hot air balloon ride, visiting Masai cultural villages, bush dinners, lunch, and breakfast.

Amboseli National Park

Amboseli National Park with elephants. Best Kenya Tours and Safaris for Nature Enthusiasts. Gosheni Safaris Famous for its biodiversity, accessibility, and breathtaking landscape, the scenic Amboseli National Park is among Kenya’s most popular parks. The Enkongo Narok and Olekenya swamps fed by melting from Mt Kilimanjaro make Amboseli National Park exceptional. This nature enclave water resource attracts lots of animals, especially during the dry season. Fun activities at Amboseli include game viewing, bird watching, and night game drives.

Diani Beach

An ideal getaway at its finest stretching 17km of beautiful, flawless, soft white sand, Diani beach is Kenya’s most relaxing retreat. It is popular with families, backpackers, honeymooners, and water-sports enthusiasts and it has been awarded the best beach destination in Africa for five years running. It boasts a wide range of activities, from diving with dolphins and sea turtles, to visiting Marine National Park, kite surfing, skydiving, nightlife, and spotting whale sharks. You can also take guided walks through sacred forests, a monkey sanctuary, turtle information center, and a trip to Shimba Hills. Pejeta Bushcamp lies on the banks of the Ewaso Nyiro River in central Kenya’s Laikipia region. It is the ultimate in Kenyan Kenya has a great road network for wildlife safaris, allowing you to easily access Shimba Hills National Reserve, Tsavo East, Tsavo West, or Amboseli National Park through the wildlife Kenya safari Mombasa route. If you are looking to visit Kenya as a nature enthusiast, get in touch with us by filling out the contact form. Ready for an adventure? Check out these Kenya tours for you! 9 Days Rift Valley Walking Masai Mara Safari 14 Days Kenya Adventure Safari

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