Tipping Guide in Africa

When going to a different place, tipping is most often approached with great trepidation. Should I tip? If so, how much? Sometimes, it even causes unnecessary travel anxiety. So if you plan to go to Africa anytime soon, or you’re planning for your African adventure, here’s a guide to tell you all about tipping in […]

What A Luxury Safari Is Like, Is It Really Worth It?

The words “African safari” conjure up images of lions roaring from a distance, trumpeting elephants, giraffes browsing the trees and pop-up roofed vehicles hurtling down the African bushveld. While all these create one of the most exciting and most memorable experiences a traveler can have, did you know there is one more thing that could […]

Food Options in a Safari

It is no secret that food is an important part of any safari experience. One would typically wonder about the itinerary, the accommodation, the different activities on offer and of course, the food. While African safaris are especially famed for its once-in-a-lifetime game experiences, untamed wilderness, and mind-blowing resident wildlife, it doesn’t mean the food […]

8 Tips to Travel Safe in Africa

Africa is such an interesting destination with an impressive array of jaw-dropping tourist attractions. The serene atmosphere and the wildlife, the turquoise ocean, white sandy beaches, towering mountains, and cultural displays are some of the best on the planet, which explains why this massive continent continues to see thousands of visitors every year. But while […]

Traveling to South Africa with Kids

Boasting world-class infrastructure and national parks with game viewing destinations for just about every budget, South Africa is one of the world’s best safari destinations for families. What’s more, most of the country’s game parks and reserves are free from malaria and other tropical diseases. Want to go on a safari adventure with your kids? […]

Visit East Africa: The East African Connection

East Africa has always been known to provide great safari adventures. It is home to some of the world’s most iconic parks, and it covers four of the most coveted African destinations — Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda. So if you are looking into exploring one, two or all countries, and you have little to […]

The Rise of Group-Joining Safari and What it’s Like!

You see, Africa is often associated with luxury: grand villas, extravagant tented camps with private dipping pools or jacuzzi, fully-customized luxury safari vehicles and many more. True, Africa has a lot of these. But beyond what the brochures tell you is a wilder adventure that comes with budget traveling, including group-joining safaris. GROUP-JOINING SAFARIS: WHAT AND WHY […]

How to Plan a Safari Trip For Your Family

HOW TO PLAN A SAFARI TRIP FOR YOUR FAMILY What could be more exciting than seeing your kids encounter animals in the wild and not in a zoo? Family safaris in Africa SHOULD be a trip of a lifetime – one that each of you can remember and share stories forever. However, before being able […]