From Coasts to Deserts: Why Namibia is the New Safari Destination

Namibia has been an independent state for almost 30 years, having been under the control of apartheid South Africa since just after World War II. There are still traces of its German history from pre-1915 days in everything from confectionery, architecture, place names to the clothes the Herero women wear with several layers of skirt […]

Traveling to South Africa with Kids

Boasting world-class infrastructure and national parks with game viewing destinations for just about every budget, South Africa is one of the world’s best safari destinations for families. What’s more, most of the country’s game parks and reserves are free from malaria and other tropical diseases. Want to go on a safari adventure with your kids? […]

Top 5 South Africa Family Holiday Destinations

A long time ago, South Africa don’t usually make it to the top choices of families to go on a holiday too. Today, it’s becoming an increasingly popular choice. In fact, it is the most visited country on the continent. And why wouldn’t it be? It has year-round sunshine, fabulous beaches, fascinating food scene, great […]

How to Plan a Safari Trip For Your Family

HOW TO PLAN A SAFARI TRIP FOR YOUR FAMILY What could be more exciting than seeing your kids encounter animals in the wild and not in a zoo? Family safaris in Africa SHOULD be a trip of a lifetime – one that each of you can remember and share stories forever. However, before being able […]

2024 Tanzania vs South Africa as a Safari Destination

Materializing a dream-come-true Africa vacation is a rare experience. For many travelers, the ultimate question usually is: Which country should I go? Tanzania or South Africa? With so many fantastic safari locations in the continent, choosing between Tanzania vs South Africa as a safari destination makes it quite a challenge. In this article, we’ll help […]

Kenya vs South Africa: What’s New to Experience in 2023

A safari trip to Africa is always an adventure of a lifetime. There are numerous fun activities to engage in during your trip whether you are alone, with your spouse on a honeymoon or with family. This article looks at two of the most popular African safari destinations – Kenya and South Africa. Kenya is […]