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African beaches can capture your heart. You will fall in love with the beaches' clear waters, powdery sands, serenity, and profused marine life. Thus, if you’re looking for the best destination to spend your Holiday with your family, your other half, or enjoy your alone time, Zanzibar can be the best pick. There are multiple beaches in the area that you can explore. Each beach has its own charm that’s dumbfounding. Azure ocean and white sands will greet you with tangerine sunsets that end your day. A beach holiday in Zanzibar is a perfect way to escape the hustle and bustle of a city. It's where you can ease off in a luxurious hotel in front of a tranquil ocean. The exquisiteness of African beaches is invigorating, a great way to relax, unwind and recharge your body and mind.

Beach Holiday Tours

Combine Kenya Safari and Zanzibar Beach Holiday

Combining a beach getaway and a safari adventure is one of the ways to create an ultimate African trip! You can witness the magnificent beaches of the continent while also have a thrilling journey in the wild in just 10 days. With this tour, you make

4 Days Zanzibar Kendwa Beach Holidays and Stone Town Tour

Zanzibar is located in the Indian Ocean, just 25 km off the coast of mainland Tanzania. It is famed for its historical Stone Town and stunning beaches. We will take you to interesting tours to the House of Wonders, Palace Museums, Mosques and Arab

5 Days Explore Zanzibar Luxury Beach Holiday

Probably just about any couple's dream honeymoon destination and what every family needs for a dose of Vitamin Sea! Zanzibar has a pleasing weather all year round due to its position near the equator. Cozy bars and restos line up this haven

3-Day Zanzibar Stone Town Experience

Stone Town is the center of culture in Zanzibar, a place you shouldn't miss when coming to this beautiful island. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with a charming vibe and where people live their lives on display. The city is packed with histor

8 Days Explore Zanzibar and Pemba Islands

This beach escape will take you to two of Zanzibar's best-sought islands: Unguja also known as "Zanzibar" and Pemba. Unguja is the largest and most populated island of the Zanzibar archipelago and therefore has the most developed touris

12 Day Kenya Honeymoon Safari and Beach

See the very best that Kenya has to offer with this wonderful 12-day safari combining three varied wildlife reserves with the beautiful beaches of the Indian Ocean. Safari transport is by off-road 4×4 vehicle (not minivan) ensuring a more comfo


Langi Langi Beach Hotel

Langi Langi Beach Hotel in the north of Zanzibar features an outdoor pool and a restaurant. The rooms come with a balcony or a verandah and a bathroom

Gemma Dell’Est

This modern and classy accommodation in one of the stunning Zanzibar beaches will give you relaxation and bliss. Diamonds La Gemma Dell’Est doesn

Ocean Paradise Hotel

An elegant, tropical resort will blow you away with its beauty, and picturesque surroundings in Pwani Mchangani, one of the stunning Zanzibar beaches.

Sunset Kendwa

Sunset Kendwa is a paradise on the beautiful beach in Nungwi, which can be an exquisite retreat after adrenaline-packed African safari tours. The lodg

Z Hotel

Z Hotel is the pilot boutique in along the Nungwi beach, near the best spots in Zanzibar. The place has served thousands of satisfied guests, delivere