On Top of the World: How is it Like to Spend New Year’s Eve on the Highest Mountain in Africa?

man on top of Mt Kilimajaro at sunrise above the clouds
What’s the most memorable New Year’s Eve that you’ve had? With the new year fast approaching, you’re probably thinking of cool ways to start the year in grand style. After the bustling Christmas period and full to the brim with plenty of good cheer, it’s refreshing to take a step into an unknown and remote setting to look back on the year you’ve had and make plans for the new year. So how about kicking off the year 2020 in the most epic way possible by climbing Kilimanjaro, Africa’s tallest mountain.

Rise to the challenge and make that trek up 5,895 meters, where you get to experience five beautiful climate zones and ring in the new year on the Roof of Africa. This journey of a lifetime will definitely change the way you look at yourself and the world forever.

About Kilimanjaro

the top of snowy mt kilimanjaro above the clouds on sunrise
The famous Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania is actually a dormant volcano, but fear not, as the last major eruption here was hundreds of thousands of years ago. In addition to being Africa’s highest peak, it is also the highest free-standing (meaning it is not part of a mountain range) mountain in the world. Imagine welcoming in 2020 at its iconic peak watching the sunrise over the majestic plains below. Mount Kilimanjaro is made up of three volcanos — Shira, Mawnzi, and Kibo.

The climb is like hiking through a nature documentary. Kilimanjaro contains five unique ecosystems so you can look forward to an adventure like no other whether you are passing through an undisturbed rainforest, witnessing unique lava towers and exotic animals, or meeting and talking to the indigenous tribespeople on the mountain. All of these while you’re strutting away above the clouds and looking down at the lush sprawling savanna below you.

Mt. Kilimanjaro Difficulty

people trekking my kilimanjaro
The round trip for Kilimanjaro usually takes five to 11 days, depending on which route you take. There are seven established routes up the mountain, each varying in length, difficulty, and scenery. One of the easier routes is the Lemosho Route, which offers a high success rate for reaching the summit thanks to its more gradual rate of ascent. If you are not an avid climber but have your heart set on welcoming the new year from the top of the world, then this the probably the route you will take.

Reasons to Climb Kilimanjaro this New Year’s Eve

Guests of Gosheni safaris hiking Mt Kilimanjaro
The opportunity to embrace the unknown — Every new year offers a fresh start, ripe with new possibilities and the chance to gain a new perspective. Plus, the start of the year is one of the best times to challenge yourself to achieve something you’ve never done before. Spending a few days climbing the highest free-standing mountain on earth is no mean feat, for sure, but that is exactly what makes it appealing. You get to find something new and inspiring for the year ahead — Whether it’s trying out new food, immersing yourself in a fascinating culture, or just marveling at amazing wildlife and landscapes, climbing Kilimanjaro is a chance to shake up your New Year and kick-start an exciting year from the summit. After all, isn’t that what New Year’s resolutions are really about?

Experience something different — New Year celebrations are often characterized by fireworks, music, and feasting with family and friends. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with starting your year this way, it wouldn’t hurt to deviate from the norm this one time and try something different for a change. Who knows, you might relish the experience so much that you decide to come back for the next New Year’s Eve.

It’s a great way to do something worthwhile — On your Mount Kilimanjaro trek, you will be accompanied by guides and porters. These mountain climbs are a source of livelihood for these people so participating in this trek is a beautiful way to support them and their families. This means you get to start the new year putting smiles on people’s faces. The feel-good feeling that usually follows makes it worth the experience.

You get to treat yourself afterward — You have accomplished something incredible by conquering Africa’s highest peak, so why not reward your aching body with a relaxing beach weekend in Zanzibar?

If standing on the summit of Kilimanjaro has always been on your adventure list, why not tick it off before the close of the year? Make 2020 a year to remember, by scaling the highest free-standing mountain in the world. To get started or find out more information like the current Kilimanjaro climb cost, accommodation options, and preparation tips, contact us today.

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