Top Travel Destinations in Tanzania Also Perfect for Solo Female Travelers

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Glamping, bleisure and some other new travel terms are popping out and gaining popularity today. While these linger as trends, what’s becoming increasingly popular recently in the travel game is solo traveling. And with more women becoming financially independent, more apt in traveling and more empowered, more and more women today are becoming more adventurous travelers, too – and they’re doing it alone. Gosheni Safaris has seen a surge of solo women travelers, whether it’s an adventure to trek the iconic Kilimanjaro, drive through the wildest corners of the Serengeti, or bask under the tropical sunshine in Zanzibar. We have also received a lot of requests from female travelers to create itineraries that are perfect for them. So if you’re a solo female traveler, here are the best places to go when in Tanzania…


 Zanzibar World-class beaches abound Zanzibar. These beaches feature fine white sands, turquoise waters and a grand coral wilderness. It also hosts many water activities such as snorkeling, kitesurfing, deep sea fishing and even swimming with dolphins! Zanzibar is a diving destination also popularly known amongst divers worldwide. But, that’s not all Zanzibar is about. The island is also home to some of the most fascinating historical and cultural places in Tanzania, including world heritage site Stone Town. Why it’s perfect for female travelers: It’s time to bring those buns out, let those hair down, and lay those beach towels on the shore. Zanzibar is the perfect tropical destination to relax, get stunning beach photos for Instagram and immerse in Tanzania’s culture and history. One important thing for women to note, though, is that Zanzibar is 99% Muslim. So if you plan to visit Stone Town, particularly – which, by the way, you should – make sure to wear something that covers your knees and shoulders during Ramadan. Other times, most people even walk around in bikinis like in Europe and other countries. Check out: 4 Days Zanzibar Kendwa Beach Holidays and Stone Town Tour Aside from hitting the beach in a tropical paradise like Zanzibar, an ultimate safari adventure is also an excellent experience. Nay, a must-experience. Sure, you can just visit one park, say, the famous Serengeti, but it why not visit all other parks, too? The northern safari circuit, which covers Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Lake Manyara National Park, Tarangire National Park, Kilimanjaro National Park and Arusha National Park, are all tied closely together. Safaris typically cover multiple parks in one and this experience is not just great value for your money, it also allows you to check several iconic African attractions off your travel bucket list. Plus, exciting activities also await in these parks — picnics in the wild, birdwatching, bush dining, even hot air balloon rides!

Serengeti National Park

  If exploring the wild is your thing, there is no other place that offers superlatives in all aspects but the world-renowned Serengeti. Spanning 14,750 square kilometers of varied landscapes mainly composed of open grasslands, hilly woodlands and savannas, Serengeti is home to the world’s largest predator population and the iconic wildebeest migration. It is also known to have the most spectacular and undisturbed natural habitats found anywhere on the globe. Why it’s perfect for female travelers: Admit it. Female travelers are more obsessed with photographing almost every little thing than male travelers. Aside from the sweeping vistas and incredible wildlife that provide ideal settings for animal and nature photography, the Serengeti also offers safaris that are safe, guided and well-organized, perfect for solo travelers. Check out: 9 Days Serengeti Migration Safari During Calving Season

Ngorongoro Conservation Area

ngorongoro  Ngorongoro Conservation Area is deemed “Africa’s Garden of Eden” for good reason. From its UNESCO site crater which serves as the world’s largest inactive caldera, to its massive wildlife amounting to at least 25,000 animals in the crater alone, and down to the Olduvai Gorge which is one of the world’s most important paleoanthropological sites, Ngorongoro promises a magical adventure. Why it’s perfect for female travelers: Like Serengeti, Ngorongoro offers safaris that are safe, guided and well-organized, perfect for solo travelers. It is also a place easily accessed from Serengeti so it’s very convenient to combine the two iconic parks into one safari. For more reasons to visit Ngorongoro Conservation Area,  check this out.

Lake Manyara National Park

  When you picture Lake Manyara National Park, you can imagine huge flocks of pink flamingoes everywhere. This splash of pink creates a mind-blowing scenery that ladies would absolutely adore! Aside from the lovely views, Lake Manyara National Park also hosts numerous wildlife such as zebras, baboons, tree-climbing lions and even rhinos! Why it’s perfect for female travelers: One obvious reason is the photographing opportunities. Other reasons include: night game drives, bike riding along the lake, forest walks, and visits to local villages as well as experiences in having scenic bush picnics. Check out: 6 Days Tanzania Expedition Safari

Tarangire National Park

  Think elephants and baobab trees. Those are some of Tarangire’s major highlights. It is also largely untouched by mass tourism despite being in the more famous safari circuit. So if you want an unspoilt wild with interesting wildlife activities such as elephant mud bathings, plus a myriad of animals and excellent birdwatching opportunities, Tarangire is the place to be. Why it’s perfect for female travelers: Adventurous female travelers would love authentic safari adventures and Tarangire offers that, especially if you’d like to encounter more animals and less tourists on safari. Another interesting thing in Tarangire are the hundreds of ancient rock paintings in the vicinity of Kolo. Plus, did we mention the park’s only 2 hours away from Arusha? Check out: 3 Days Authentic Tanzania Safari

Lake Eyasi

  A seasonal, shallow, mildly alkaline lake on the floor of the Great Rift Valley lying at the base of the Serengeti Plateau, Lake Eyasi is one of the few places remaining in Africa where tribal life is still maintained and largely untouched by developments surrounding it. It is home to the elusive Hadzabe bushmen and near Datoga village, home of the Maasai-like people of the Datoga tribe. Why it’s perfect for female travelers: A visit to the tribes in Lake Eyasi offers a different take on adventure and cultural immersion. The Hadzabe bushmen will teach visitors how to use bow and arrows; collect tubers, roots and fruits; and even hunt. If you come during the rainy season, they will also show you how to gather honey. With the Datoba tribe, making weapons will be the main highlight of their teachings. As blacksmiths, they are adept in making arrowheads, spears, knives and even bracelets, all of which they trade with the Bushmen.

Mount Kilimanjaro

kilimanjaro  Mount Kilimanjaro, sometimes called Kili, is the tallest mountain in Africa and the highest free-standing mountain in the world. Aside from its awe-inspiring facade which features a snow-capped peak all throughout the year, the adventure that it brings to those who long to reach its summit is just amazing. With five difference climatic zones, reachable within hours or days apart from each other, it would make any trekker feel like it’s a journey from Earth’s equator to the North Pole! Why it’s perfect for female travelers: Outdoorsy women will especially love this. Whether it’s camping, hiking, photographing or even meeting new friends is your goal, Mount Kilimanjaro will never disappoint. Check out: 8 Days Mt. Kilimanjaro Climbing Summit – Machame Route

Why Tanzania is a solo female traveler’s perfect destination?

  Tanzania has always been known to be a melting pot of unforgettable adventures, whether in the wild, on the beach or in quaint towns and off-beat tracks. So why would a female solo traveler particularly love Tanzania? ✓ Picture-perfect landscapes which include millions-year-old volcanoes, lush jungles, arid deserts and world-class beaches ✓ Exemplary culture and culinary delights – a perfect Eat, Pray, Love kind of travel ✓ Safety and accessibility during safaris. For example, Zanzibar can be easily reached by plane from most places. You can also take a Dala Dala to get around the different beaches easily. If you come from Dar and you’re heading to Zanzibar, you also have the option to take the ferry like most tourists. ✓ Locals are very friendly. ✓ Safaris are all guided, most of them are small group tours – great way to meet new friends (or girl buddies) ✓ Group-joining safaris are available. If this interests you, learn more about this here. ✓ Renting a car is possible as well as booking with a tour operator for a hassle-free trip. ✓ You can trek Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest peak, the world’s highest free-standing mountain, and one of the Seven Summits. ✓ You also have other options for mountain climbing. Another exemplary mountain to trek is Mount Meru. Check out this tour: 5 Days Mount Meru Trekking

Written by: Branded Africa