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South Luangwa National Park


The dry season starts to settle in South Luangwa as April arrives. This destination is one of the greatest Zambia tourist attractions that bears one of the greatest wildlife sanctuaries among the rest of Africa. You will see a significant concentration of animals near the Luangwa River, and the park's lagoons. South Luangwa National Park has an area of 9059 km2 Park, where about 60 species of animals and 400 different birds dwell. This month is the most suitable time to visit this destination as it has a desirable climate for games, walks, and other activities. The Luangwa Valley is a must-see if you’re fascinated about different trees, rare types of vegetations, and exotic flowers. You should witness baobabs real and up-close during this month, as well as trees like mopane, winter thorn, leadwood, ivory palm, and the marula when they fully flourish.  A great variety of wildlife like hippos and crocodiles, elephants, Thornicraft's giraffes, buffalos, impalas and much more dwell at the South Luangwa National Park. You can witness all these magnificent sceneries when you visit this destination during April.


Okavango Delta


One of UNESCO World Heritage sites, Okavango Delta is a must when you head to Botswana. Although the rainy season hits Okavango Delta during April, this destination is still an experience you should include to your African adventure list. The Big Five is easy to spot anywhere in the area, as well as other wildlife like elephants, and hippos. Hence, Okavango Delta is a great option for a big five safari. During April, humidity is high, so you must prepare for the hot climate and occasional thunderstorms. Due to rainfalls, the Okavango River becomes ultimately alive during this month, which gives stunning shots for photos with the surrounding lush greens surrounding the body of water. During April, the area transforms into a home of countless birds. Avid bird watchers can choose to head to Okavango Delta during this time to witness a wide variety of birdlife in their natural habitat. This destination is a popular choice all-year-round for tourists due to spectacular views that vary in different seasons.


Lower Zambezi National Park


The breath-taking Lower Zambezi National Park in Zambia re-opens the majority of its camps during April. It is a great time to head to the area as there is less crowd, and the area is quiet, allowing you to savor nature and relax with the sound of wildlife. As one of the most popular Zambia attractions, and with an area covering 4092 square kilometers, this park has tons of sceneries that will stun you. The great Zambezi river is accessible within the park, where you will see a wide variety of wildlife from elephants, buffalos, to predators like lions, leopards, and packs of wild dogs. Stimulate your senses with the thrilling adventures that you can in this destination. You can sign up for games, ride a boat, or go fishing. You will also get a sight of exotic animals like impalas kudus, elands, waterbucks, zebras, and wildebeests. With the weather in April, plants thrive as well as vegetations, which means you can witness the beauty of the park in full bloom.