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Finale of Great Migration, Serengeti National Park


As the last month of the river crossing migration, September is when you would want to head to the Serengeti National Park if you plan to witness the final moments of the Great Migration. You shouldn’t miss this significant phenomenon happening on the plains of the park. Mega herds of animals dash, move and fight over predators for survival during the finale of the Serengeti migration. Millions of wildebeests, accompanied by a small portion of zebras, gazelles, elans, and impalas move in a predictable pattern in search for fresh grass and better quality of water. During the migration of herds, they will face predators along the way. The Mara River is no exception for the migrating animals. Crocodiles lurk the river after the passing packs where they stealthily catch their preys. The action is abundant during this time at the Serengeti National Park.


Tsavo West National Park


Tsavo West National Park is a vast wilderness destination. The big 5 safari animals can be spotted in the area as well as the rare black rhino in the rhino sanctuary. Besides the abundance of wildlife, the park is also where you can have stunning views of the Mzima Springs and Mt. Kilimanjaro. You can encounter exotic animals at the park like the shy lesser kudu and the fringe-eared oryx. Near the waterholes, you will see enormous elephants gathering. If you love to witness rock formations, Tsavo West National Park is the right choice that’s composed of hilly landscapes, volcanic cones, and black lava flows. The Tsavo River is also accessible from the park, which homes various kinds of animals like giraffes, impalas, buffalos and Burchell’s zebras. Although small, the Tsavo West National Park is one of the famous Kenya reserves due to its diverse wildlife, and unique landscape. You, too, must experience the beauty of this destination.


Selous Game Reserve


Head to Selous Game Reserve during September that bears suitable weather for games and other activities. With an area of 50,000 square kilometers, this destination is one of the biggest game parks in East Africa, In fact, it's second to the largest reserve in Africa. Tons of animals and attractions await you here including hundreds of species, lakes, and rivers. In 1982, UNESCO declared the park as a world heritage due to its stunning beauty. It’s the home to more than 350 birds species and reptiles. The Selous Game Reserve also hosts the most substantial concentration of elephants amounting to about 30,000 to 50,000. You will find a wide variety of animals at the park such as rhinos, hippopotamus, brindled gnu, sable antelope, Nyasaland gnu, eland, waterbuck,  greater kudu, hartebeest, giraffe, zebras, reedbuck, spotted hyena, warthog, lion, hunting dog, and leopard. You will fall in love with the landscape of the Selous Game Reserve as well, where you can find attractions like the Great Ruaha and Rufiji rivers. Volcanic hot springs, lakes, and rivers are all over the area, which you explore, too.