Amboseli National Park


Amidst Kenya lies a beautiful destination named the Amboseli National Park. This park possesses both thriving trees, vegetation, and wildlife. The Amboseli National Park is the home to thousands of animals like Cape buffalo, African bush elephant, lion, impala, cheetah, Masai giraffe, hyena, Grant's zebra, blue wildebeest, and more. 400 species of birds are also in the area, and in June is the best time to explore the park due to a dry climate while the sun is not as harsh as summer. The Amboseli National Park is near Mount Kilimanjaro, which makes the park a popular choice for tourists where they can view the mountain, or climb it from there. The Observation Hill is also part of the park’s attractions. You can overlook the entire area from the Observation Hill where you can view swamps, and herds of animals are roaming free. The Amboseli National Park offers a splendid experience of an authentic Safari, where you can witness wildlife near the lakes and rivers during June. This destination will stun you away.