Okavango Delta


One of UNESCO World Heritage sites, Okavango Delta is a must when you head to Botswana. Although the rainy season hits Okavango Delta during April, this destination is still an experience you should include to your African adventure list. The Big Five is easy to spot anywhere in the area, as well as other wildlife like elephants, and hippos. During April, humidity is high, so you must prepare for the hot climate and occasional thunderstorms. Due to rainfalls, the Okavango River becomes ultimately alive during this month, which gives stunning shots for photos with the surrounding lush greens surrounding the body of water. During April, the area transforms into a home of countless birds. Avid bird watchers can choose to head to Okavango Delta during this time to witness a wide variety of birdlife in their natural habitat. This destination is a popular choice all-year-round for tourists due to spectacular views that vary in different seasons.