South Luangwa National Park


The dry season starts to settle in South Luangwa as April arrives. This destination bears one of the greatest wildlife sanctuaries among the rest of Africa. You will see a significant concentration of animals near the Luangwa River, and the park's lagoons. South Luangwa National Park has an area of 9059 km2 Park, where about 60 species of animals and 400 different birds dwell. This month is the most suitable time to visit this destination as it has a desirable climate for games, walks, and other activities. The Luangwa Valley is a must see if you’re fascinated about different trees, rare types of vegetations, and exotic flowers. You should witness baobabs real and up close during this month, as well trees like mopane, winter thorn, leadwood, ivory palm, and the marula when they fully flourish.  A great variety of wildlife like hippos and crocodiles, elephants, Thornicraft's giraffes, buffalos, impalas and much more dwell at the South Luangwa National Park. You can witness all these magnificent sceneries when you visit this destination during April.

South Luangwa National Park Tours