Lower Zambezi National Park


The breath-taking Lower Zambezi National Park re-opens the majority of its camps during April. It is a great time to head to the area as there is less crowd, and the area is quiet, allowing you to savor nature and relax with the sound of wildlife. With an area covering 4092 square kilometers, this park has tons of sceneries that will stun you. The great Zambezi river is accessible within the park, where you will see a wide variety of wildlife from elephants, buffalos, to predators like lions, leopards, and packs of wild dogs. Stimulate your senses with the thrilling adventures that you can in this destination. You can sign up for games, ride a boat, or go fishing. You will also get a sight of exotic animals like impalas kudus, elands, waterbucks, zebras, and wildebeests. With the weather in April, plants thrive as well as vegetations, which means you can witness the beauty of the park in full bloom.