Why Tanzania Safari Holidays Aren’t Cheap

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Tanzania is an ultimate adventure destination for many travelers across the globe. For many reasons including wildlife that’s beyond compare to any other country in the world, more and more tourists have been drawn to Tanzania. What sets other travelers back is the price. Yes, Tanzania safaris are generally pricey compared to other holiday destinations. The question is, why? To give you a clearer understanding of why Tanzania safari holidays aren’t cheap, here’s a quick rundown:

✓ Mother nature in her best form

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Tanzania offers unique experiences unlike other countries in the world. Its perfectly mapped out, diverse landscapes make up some of the most glorifying sceneries on the planet; its mind-blowing wildlife is unparalleled and so exquisite — something you can never find elsewhere.

Whether you visit its iconic parks like the Serengeti, explore its gorgeous white sand beaches in Zanzibar, discover best-kept secrets on off-the-beaten paths, or tour around the UNESCO sites, Tanzania will surely amaze you.

Tanzania is also often called “the land that stayed on after God created the world.” Its natural beauty is so surreal and being able to see such iconic sights is just a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

✓ Lack of infrastructure

Let’s face it. Tanzania’s infrastructure is not that advanced yet. Compared to other touristy countries like the US, Europe, and even other African countries, Tanzania lacks infrastructure such as highways, railway lines, and airports. This means transportation from one place to another would be pricier as some places require charter flights instead of road travel which is usually a cheaper option.

Also, a myriad of companies in the developed parts of the world is competing for Euros, dollars, and pounds. This competition keeps the prices down.

✓ Flights

Flights to Tanzania, although ample and available in most major cities in the world, are still scarce compared to flights heading to other touristy places. For this reason, flights to Tanzania are more expensive. Of course, the more competition, the lower the price.

Local flights are also small flights (around 12 pax only). This includes flights from Arusha to Zanzibar as well as those from Dar or Arusha to Serengeti.

✓ Exclusivity

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Tanzania’s parks value exclusivity as well as the authenticity of the wild. Hence, the number of visitors, as well as the number of vehicles and lodges in particular parks, are limited despite its incredible vastness. This, again, contributes to the higher expense.

✓ Pricy permits

Permits to build structures in Tanzania, like lodges and tented camps, are expensive. Hence, this is passed on and reflected in the price usually ranging from 200 USD, more or less, per person per night.

✓ Full board

Camps and lodges in Tanzania are usually full-board. This is because you usually have no access to restaurants outside the camp, which is very remote and exclusive. Since you have no other choice, you really have to go full-board. The advantage of this is that you won’t have to worry about food. Everything will be prepared and dietary restrictions may even be accommodated (just let the property management know before booking with them).

✓ Park fees and regulations

In Tanzania, park fees are generally steeper for Non-African residents. This price difference is dictated by the government as a tourism ** and as a privilege for the locals as well. In Serengeti, for example, tourist adults aged 16 years and above are priced $60 each while ex-pats/residents are priced 30 USD and East African residents only pay 10000 TZs (about 4.37 USD).

For the Ngorongoro Conservation area, non-residents pay $50 for the entry permit while East African residents only pay TZs 1500 (about 0.65 USD). Complete NCAA (Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority) fees can be found here.

If you want to learn more about park fees, here’s a complete list of TANAPA Tariffs from July 2017 to June 2018.

There are also park regulations that could mp the cost of your safari. In Kilimanjaro, for example, trekkers are not allowed to hike the mountain without a guide, no matter how experienced he/she is. Guides and porters are a must for any Kilimanjaro trek and so, this entails additional costs although these expenses are already included in Kilimanjaro tour packages most of the time.

Totally worth every cent.

The experience in Tanzania is always worth the price. Sure it would cost a couple of bucks more but with the kind of exclusivity and ethereal experience you would have, which is in no way attainable in other countries, every cent is definitely worth it. Here are some Tanzania fun facts that would really show how amazing a Tanzania safari holiday is:
  • Tanzania boasts almost 20% of Africa’s large mammal population so this is your chance to witness the mighty elephants and lions right in front of your eyes.
  • The country is home to the iconic Great Wildebeest Migration, one of the Seven Natural Wonders and regarded as “the world’s greatest show.”
  • It is known to host the world’s largest animal population per square meter.
  • It is home to Africa’s highest peak, the world’s highest free-standing mountain and one of the Seven Summits, Mount Kilimanjaro.
  • Tanzania also includes three of Africa’s greatest lakes including Lake Tanganyika which is known for its unique species of fishes.
  • Tanzania is home to over 120 ethnic groups.
  • Tanzania served as an inspiration to the settings of the classic films The Lion King and Tarzan.
  • Tanzania also boasts of a thriving primate population in the western circuit.
  • Whether you are after for some bush adventures or beach escapades, Tanzania will never disappoint you.
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