Making A Difference In Our Communities

Youth Action For Social Change

At Gosheni Foundationn, We Are A Movement For Change, Dedicated To Realizing Sustainable Development In Tanzania. We Believe That Empowered Youth Have The Potential To Make A Significant Impact And Create A Brighter Future. Our Focus Is On Advocating For The Rights Of Young People Aged 15 To 35 By Building Their Capacity And Raising Awareness. Our Main Goals Include Empowering Youth Through Education And Skills Development, Creating Awareness Around Sustainable Development, And Promoting The Implementation Of Environmentally Friendly Practices. Through Our Efforts, We Aim To Create A Brighter And More Sustainable Future For Tanzania And Its People.

Our Projects

Our Projects Are Designed To Empower Young People In Tanzania By Promoting Sustainable Development, Environmental Protection, Youth Advocacy, Sports Engagement, And Renewable Energy Education.

Youth Sports Development Program

Promote Engagement In Sports Such As Tennis, Basketball, And Football Among Young People In Tanzania.

Youth Advocacy And Leadership Development Program

Empower Young People In Tanzania By Building Their Leadership Skills And Advocating For Their Rights.

Environmental Cleanup And Restoration Project

Protect The Environment In Tanzania By Cleaning Up And Restoring Environmentally Damaged Areas.

Renewable Energy Education Initiative

Educate Young People In Tanzania About The Importance Of Renewable Energy And Provide Them With The Knowledge And Skills They Need To Make A Positive Impact On The Environment.

Sustainable Development Awareness Campaign

Raise Awareness About Sustainable Development Practices Among Young People In Tanzania And Inspire A Culture Of Sustainability That Can Help Protect The Environment.

Youth Skills Development Program

Provide Young People In Tanzania With The Skills They Need To Thrive In Today’s Modern Economy. With Education And Training In Areas Such As Entrepreneurship, Financial Literacy, And Technology

Volunteer With Us

Empowering Tanzanian Youth: Our Charitable Activities And Impact
Send us a message if you wish to participate in any of our projects.

Our Mission

At Gosheni Foundation, we are committed to empowering Tanzanian youth by advocating for their rights, enhancing their skills, and promoting sustainable development practices.
Our mission encompasses several core initiatives:

Youth Empowerment

Our Organization Is Dedicated To Building The Capacity Of Young People Through Education And Training In Areas Such As Entrepreneurship, Financial Literacy, And Technology.

Sustainable Development

We Are Committed To Promoting Sustainable Development Practices In Tanzania By Raising Awareness About The Importance Of Environmental Protection and Renewable Energy

Environmental Protection

We Believe That Protecting The Environment Is An Important Part Of Sustainable Development. Our Organization Is Dedicated To Mobilizing Young Volunteers To Clean Up Litter, Plant Trees, And Restore Natural Habitats.

Youth Advocacy

We Believe That Young People Have The Power To Advocate For Their Rights And Create Positive Change In Their Communities. Our Organization Is Dedicated To Building The Leadership Skills Of Young People.

Sports Engagement

We Believe That Sports Are An Important Part Of A Healthy And Active Lifestyle, And Can Promote Teamwork And Healthy Habits Among Young People.

Through these initiatives, Gosheni Foundation aims to mold young individuals into leaders, advocates, and agents of change. We strive to create a brighter, more sustainable future for all and to instill a culture of respect for youth and the environment. Join us in our mission to make a lasting impact in Tanzania and beyond. Be a part of shaping a brighter future for everyone.