Tanzania Safari- What’s New in 2023

Tanzania remains one of the world’s top safari destinations, drawing hundreds of thousands of people from across the globe to experience its magnificent wildlife in a network of well-managed national parks across the East African nation. Places like the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, Lake Manyara and Tarangire National Park are synonymous with abundant wildlife and a pleasing selection of lodgings. Together, they make up the famed Northern Circuit, while other l... Read more
10 Reasons to Climb Mount Kilimanjaro

To conquer one of the most glorious, record-breaking mountains in the world is a dream come true to many adventurers. It is no surprise that more and more people today come to Tanzania to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, the iconic snow-capped mountain that’s often deemed “Every man’s Everest.” So if you’re thinking of taking your adventure to greater heights, here are 10 reasons to climb Mount Kilimanjaro… 1: It is a world icon Mount Kilimanjaro is not just A... Read more
10 Reasons Why You Should See The Great Migration Safari in Tanzania

When you think about going to Africa, you instinctively imagine having close encounters with the animals – and not like the ones that we see in the zoo, but actual animals in the wild and even the rarest ones in the planet. Certainly so, this image is spot-on. But, what is even more amazing is the chance to witness the Great Migration safari Tanzania has to offer. An absolute world spectacle,  the Great Migration is an annual event that no one in the world should... Read more
8 Tips to See the Best of the Great Migration Calving Season

A safari trip to Kenya or Tanzania would not be complete without seeing the Great Wildebeest Migration. The sight of large cats and hyenas waiting in the tall grass, ready to pounce on their unsuspecting prey; the sound of the water flowing between the legs of the wildebeests as they make their way across the Nile crocodile-infested rivers; and, the view of the zebras striding across the fields. It’s a marvelous spectacle not be missed during your safari tour. Wh... Read more
Best Kenya Tours and Safaris for Nature Enthusiasts

Located in East Africa and boasting dozens of wildlife conservation areas, Kenya is a dream destination for nature and wildlife lovers. Perfect for wildlife photography too! It is home to dazzling lakes, lush savannahs, dense forests, and mountain highlands -- the perfect place to reconnect with nature and bask in its ambiance. Kenya’s wildlife safaris also add a unique touch to the whole nature experience as you get to go on amazing game drives and guided walks t... Read more
Kenya Vs South Africa: What's New To Experience In 2023

A safari trip to Africa is always an adventure of a lifetime. There are numerous fun activities to engage in during your trip whether you are alone, with your spouse on a honeymoon or with family. This article looks at two of the most popular African safari destinations - Kenya and South Africa. Kenya is one of Africa's finest safari destinations boasting an abundance of wildlife, picturesque landscapes, and rich cultures. Every moment holds its magic when it comes... Read more
Gosheni Safaris wins Best Tour Operator (Quality and Innovation in Service Provision) at the 3rd TANAPA Tourism Awards 2022

Gosheni Safaris wins Best Tour Operator (Quality and Innovation in Service Provision) at the 3rd TANAPA Tourism Awards 2022 Gosheni Safaris is proud to announce our success at the 3rd Tanzania National Parks Authority Tourism Awards which were presented at a glittering event in the nation’s safari capital - Arusha. Gosheni Safaris is the proud recipient of the Best Tour Operator (Quality and Innovation in Service Provision) 2021/22 - a new award category that ... Read more
First timer’s Guide: Step by Step guide to planning your Tanzania Safari

With a plethora of wildlife destinations scattered across Africa, Tanzania has long held a revered status among safari aficionados.  Thanks, in part, to the dramatic visuals seen in wildlife documentaries, many are familiar with the great wildebeest migration, spectacular landscapes and fascinating culture.  What is an African Safari? Before diving into it, it is vital to understand that going on a safari is nothing like going to a zoo or safar... Read more
Interesting Facts about the Great Wildebeest Migration in Tanzania

Standing out as one of the most spectacular wonders of the natural world, the Great Migration is an annual migration of millions of wildebeest, zebras, and other herbivores migrating clockwise through the Serengeti in Tanzania and Kenya's Masai Mara in search of good water and green pastures. This event is also one of the world’s most famous and sought after spectacles by photographers and wildlife enthusiasts. The great wildebeest migration is renowned ... Read more
News & Updates: COVID-19

Jambo! We are all facing challenging times and our hearts here at Gosheni Safaris go out to all of you. We hope you are all ok given the situation we are all in. No one can really prepare for a global crisis like what we are currently facing with the COVID-19 virus. It has been fast spreading and even in Tanzania, we have a few cases too now. But we have prepared ourselves for emergency situations and are now putting in place all our best practices and exper... Read more
Wildlife Photography Tips for Your Next Kenya Safari

The opportunity to spend your holidays in Kenya doesn't come often in one’s lifetime, but it is without a doubt one of the most exciting experiences ever. Even more so if you’re there on a Kenya wildlife tour where you’ll get to witness some of the most magnificent creatures on the planet, like the famous Big Five, adorning picture-perfect landscapes and dazzling lakes.  Speaking of picture-perfect scenes, shooting great photographs of the wild is an art... Read more
4 Incredible Things that Make Up the Masai Mara Experience

A Masai Mara safari in Kenya is a one of a kind experience. It is one of Africa’s most quintessential safaris. Here, you are guaranteed to spot the Big Five and witness the greatest wildlife spectacle on earth, the famous Great Migration. Beyond that, there are four main attractions that make up the thrilling Masai Mara experience: 1. The Maasai Tribes The Maasai tribe inhabit the northern, central, and southern Kenya and northern Tanzania. They are a N... Read more
Guide to Diving in Zanzibar: Where To Go

Whenever you consider going on a beach holiday trip, many places can come to mind. Still, not many can compare to the relaxed and tranquil atmosphere that Zanzibar offers. The famous archipelago is characterized by pristine white sandy beaches with palm trees swaying back and forth from the ocean breeze, turquoise blue ocean, amazing spices and the narrow streets of Stone Town, all of which make Zanzibar all the more appealing for tourists. The natural beauty of ... Read more
On Top of the World: How is it Like to Spend New Year's Eve on the Highest Mountain in Africa?

What’s the most memorable New Year's Eve that you've had? With the new year fast approaching, you’re probably thinking of cool ways to start the year in grand style. After the bustling Christmas period and full to the brim with plenty of good cheer, it's refreshing to take a step into an unknown and remote setting to look back on the year you’ve had and make plans for the new year. So how about kicking off the year 2020 in the most epic way possible by climbin... Read more
Kenya Game Reserves to Explore for the Entire Family

Kenya remains one of the best tourist destinations for families looking to go on a wildlife safari. Whether you are longing for a wild adventure or aiming for a nice holiday exploring the wild, a Kenyan family safari holiday will make for some pretty amazing experiences. There is an unlimited variety of places, Kenya reserves to visit and enjoy the country’s abundant wildlife. From the wildebeest’s migration in the Masai Mara to seeing throngs of elephants in A... Read more
7 Unforgettable Experiences For a First-Timer In Kenya

Kenya is one of the world’s leading safari destinations with a series of interesting scenery to behold. Located in the eastern region of Africa, the country is characterized by breathtaking views, spectacular wildlife, and vibrant culture. As a first-timer embarking on a Kenya safari tour, prepare yourself for a lifetime experience you have only seen on television. The Kenya terrain rises from the low coastal plain on the Indian ocean to plateaus and mountains at ... Read more
Why Tanzania Safari Holidays Aren’t Cheap

Tanzania is an ultimate adventure destination for many travelers across the globe. For many reasons including wildlife that’s beyond compare to any other country in the world, more and more tourists have been drawn to Tanzania. What sets other travelers back is the price. Yes, Tanzania safaris are generally pricey compared to other holiday destinations. The question is, why? To give you a clearer understanding of why Tanzania safari holidays aren’t cheap, here... Read more
Kenya Vs Tanzania: Facts to Consider for a Family African Safari

Are you thinking of going on safari with your family, but not sure what to expect? There is a common belief that a family African safari doesn’t go well together. Nothing could be further from the truth. There is just something so special about spending time in the wild; the awe of seeing wild animals so close, the beauty of the African savanna, and the warmth of the local tribes met along the way — to share that all with your family is a privilege. Here’s wha... Read more
Handcrafted Souvenirs You Should Buy When You Visit Tanzania

Tanzania is home to some of the most unique handcrafted souvenirs in Africa. Let's take a look at some of the items you can buy when you visit Tanzania and bring home along with you. Millions of tourists flock Tanzania every single and when they leave, they take home authentic Maasai handmade crafts like wood carving, woven baskets, colorful fabrics, and jewelry. Maasai Items Take home authentic Maasai handmade crafts like wood carving, woven baskets, co... Read more
Great Migration in the Masai Mara: Perhaps a Better Alternative than Serengeti?

Every year, the great wildebeest migration sees millions of wildebeests, gazelles, and zebras journey in a circular route from the Serengeti in Tanzania to Kenya’s Masai Mara. Often regarded as the most spectacular of Africa’s natural phenomena, the wildebeest are driven by pure instinct in search of greener pastures, making it the greatest natural show on earth. They are also accompanied by predators stalking them as they move from grasslands to wooded forests ... Read more
How to Choose a Kenya Tour that Fits Your Interests

A Kenya safari ignites the imagination. Elephants walking beneath the towering Mount Kilimanjaro; leopards yawning on tree branches in the Mara; the epic plains of Tsavo -- it is definitely something that everyone should experience at least once. The diversity of Kenya’s wildlife and other natural wonders are represented in the country’s many national parks and game reserves and the best part is that when it comes to choosing your Kenya tours, you have a lot of ... Read more
Adventurers Guide to Experiencing Zambia's Best Attractions

Often described as one of the most peaceful countries in Africa, Zambia is a truly stunning place to visit. It boasts an array of landscapes and wildlife, steadily making its mark on the travel world as a prime safari destination. In addition to its incredible national parks and scenery, Zambia is fast becoming one of the most acclaimed adventures and extreme sports capitals in Africa. Among the top Zambia attractions is a range of action activities like bungee jump... Read more
What You Need to Know When Visiting the Maasai Tribe in Kenya

You’ve probably come across those amazing photos of the Maasai tribe in Kenya decked out in their brilliant red, purple, and blue patterns of their shukas, standing tall and proud with their spears. Perhaps you’ve also seen the pictures of their fierce women bejeweled with bright beaded earrings and scarves against a backdrop of the arid African savannah. As their name suggests, this fascinating tribe resides in the areas surrounding the Masai Mara National Park... Read more
Top Tanzania Safari Parks You Shouldn’t Miss

It’s almost always an impulse that when one thinks of going on a safari adventure, the top choices will always include Tanzania as if we’re all programmed to think it. Well, it’s natural, really; and there is absolutely no surprise why. Aside from being a staple safari country, visiting the top safari parks in Tanzania is always an adventure – whether you’re a safari neophyte or a wildlife enthusiast at that. So, if you’re looking into exploring the bes... Read more
The Best Way to See and Experience Victoria Falls

Straddling two countries (Zimbabwe and Zambia) and located in the southern African region, Victoria Falls continues to feature prominently on many travelers’ bucket lists. As one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, this vast curtain of water is wider than Niagara and higher than Iguazú – and features more thrilling activities than both of them combined. Facts About Victoria Falls As the mighty Zambezi River crashes over a basalt rock ledge and drop... Read more
Top 5 South Africa Family Holiday Destinations

A long time ago, South Africa don’t usually make it to the top choices of families to go on a holiday too. Today, it’s becoming an increasingly popular choice. In fact, it is the most visited country on the continent. And why wouldn’t it be? It has year-round sunshine, fabulous beaches, fascinating food scene, great cultural opportunities, diversity in activities and, of course, a bevy of iconic animals. Where else in the world can you kids experience the wild... Read more
Traveling to South Africa with Kids

Boasting world-class infrastructure and national parks with game viewing destinations for just about every budget, South Africa is one of the world's best safari destinations for families. What's more, most of the country's game parks and reserves are free from malaria and other tropical diseases. Want to go on a safari adventure with your kids? Check out some top family-friendly spots to include in your travel itinerary: Table Mountain National Park Table M... Read more
Why Serengeti is a Top Safari Destination

Whether you are a newcomer to the African landscape or a veteran of the safari, there are fewer things harder to resist than an excursion into majestic game reserves. You get to immerse yourself in some of Nature’s finest scenes and mingle with the beasts of wild, cameras loaded. It is truly an adventure worth a spot on the bucket list. But not all game reserves are created equal. One stands out above others with its scenic images of seemingly endless acacia-... Read more
8 Tips to Travel Safe in Africa

Africa is such an interesting destination with an impressive array of jaw-dropping tourist attractions. The serene atmosphere and the wildlife, the turquoise ocean, white sandy beaches, towering mountains, and cultural displays are some of the best on the planet, which explains why this massive continent continues to see thousands of visitors every year. But while traveling is often interesting and informative, it is important to have an idea of the territory y... Read more
Gorilla Tracking in Uganda: Is it Safe?

With more than 95% of DNA identical to humans, the powerful and intelligent herbivore, the gorilla, has fascinated Man for many decades. The huge silverbacks (male leaders of an extended family of gorillas known as a troop, numbering up to 30) rarely display their enormous strength and only ever become aggressive with other silverbacks. That is the theory yet tourists keen to see gorillas in the wild may have a little apprehension about the safety of venturing into ... Read more
From Coasts to Deserts: Why Namibia is the New Safari Destination

Namibia has been an independent state for almost 30 years, having been under the control of apartheid South Africa since just after World War II. There are still traces of its German history from pre-1915 days in everything from confectionery, architecture, place names to the clothes the Herero women wear with several layers of skirt despite the heat. It was a German idea to protect their modesty, and the custom has remained. Namibia, formerly known as South We... Read more
How To Make The Most Of Your Zanzibar Visit

Zanzibar isn’t your average tourist destination. It is a place characterized by historical tours, rich diversified cultures, and unforgettable fun memories. The features of this incredible town have the ability to captivate your senses and expand your mind. Whether as an addendum at the end of your safari adventure or something to do before embarking into the wild, the pristine sandy beaches and turquoise blue sea linking the Indian ocean, historical Stone town, t... Read more
Learn Zanzibar's Finest Spices at Spice Island

Zanzibar is full of beauty, life, and history; and its famous capital, Stone Town isn’t just any town either. As such, visitors can expect to be treated to a sensory experience that is simply hard to find anywhere else in the world. This UNESCO World Heritage Site was once a flourishing trading hub that saw Africans, Arabs, Indians, and even Europeans coming together to exchange not just goods and services, but also their unique cultures. Today, there are several ... Read more
Jozani Forest and Spice Tour: Nature Activities in Stone Town Tanzania

Zanzibar is full of beauty, life, and history; and its famous capital, Stone Town isn’t just any town either. As such, visitors can expect to be treated to a sensory experience that is simply hard to find anywhere else in the world. This UNESCO World Heritage Site was once a flourishing trading hub that saw Africans, Arabs, Indians, and even Europeans coming together to exchange not just goods and services, but also their unique cultures. Today, there are several ... Read more
Best Beaches in Zanzibar You Should Visit

Zanzibar is home to some of the best beach destinations in the world. Tourism is the major hub of this renowned ‘Spice Island’ located off the coast of Tanzania. Spanning approximately 90 km long and 40 km wide, Zanzibar is a semi-autonomous archipelago consisting of two major islands - Unguja and Pemba Island. The historic capital city of Zanzibar is Stone town, a prominent city with an impressive cultural heritage and history dating back to the 19th century. Z... Read more
Meet the Tanzania Tribes and Know More About Them

Located in the great lakes region of East Africa, Tanzania is the thirteenth largest country in Africa. It is bordered to the north by Kenya and Uganda, to the east by Burundi, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, to the south by Mozambique, Malawi, and Zambia. This breathtaking country is home to some of the best safari attractions in the world, rich cultural heritage, and over 120 distinct Tanzania tribes and ethnic groups. Here are some of Tanzania... Read more
Tipping Guide in Africa

When going to a different place, tipping is most often approached with great trepidation. Should I tip? If so, how much? Sometimes, it even causes unnecessary travel anxiety. So if you plan to go to Africa anytime soon, or you’re planning for your African adventure, here’s a guide to tell you all about tipping in Africa. Tipping culture in Africa First of all, tipping in Africa is not a compulsory affair. It is only done on the merit of good service; a simple ... Read more
Top Things To See & Do In Stone Town, Zanzibar

Stone Town isn’t your typical African town; it is a celebrated area where you can wander for hours through a maze of narrow streets and architectural angle, easily losing yourself in centuries of history. It is a sensory experience not to be found anywhere else in the world as each twist and turn brings something new -- a Persian bathhouse, a former palace, exquisite gardens, or even a coral-stone mansion with ornately-carved doors and high-reaching balconies… a... Read more
Balloon Safari In Serengeti: Is It Worth It?

The Serengeti is a marvel of nature featuring prominently on several travelers’ bucket lists. It is most famous for its wondrous array of wildlife, stunning landscapes, and enchanting lakes -- a true jewel of Africa! Spanning a massive 30,000 square kilometers, there’s so much to see and do that it will take several trips to be able to capture all that it has to offer unless of course, you have the ultimate vantage point -- the air! That’s what a balloon safar... Read more
What A Luxury Safari Is Like, Is It Really Worth It?

The words “African safari” conjure up images of lions roaring from a distance, trumpeting elephants, giraffes browsing the trees and pop-up roofed vehicles hurtling down the African bushveld. While all these create one of the most exciting and most memorable experiences a traveler can have, did you know there is one more thing that could hoist that experience? Imagine five-star luxury in one of the wildest, remote places in the world — posh accommodation with ... Read more
Food Options in a Safari

It is no secret that food is an important part of any safari experience. One would typically wonder about the itinerary, the accommodation, the different activities on offer and of course, the food. While African safaris are especially famed for its once-in-a-lifetime game experiences, untamed wilderness, and mind-blowing resident wildlife, it doesn’t mean the food is any less delectable. So what exactly are the food options in a safari? What to expect in your pl... Read more
Top Travel Destinations in Tanzania Also Perfect for Solo Female Travelers

Glamping, bleisure and some other new travel terms are popping out and gaining popularity today. While these linger as trends, what’s becoming increasingly popular recently in the travel game is solo traveling. And with more women becoming financially independent, more apt in traveling and more empowered, more and more women today are becoming more adventurous travelers, too – and they’re doing it alone. Gosheni Safaris has seen a surge of solo women travel... Read more
Visit East Africa: The East African Connection

East Africa has always been known to provide great safari adventures. It is home to some of the world’s most iconic parks, and it covers four of the most coveted African destinations — Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda. So if you are looking into exploring one, two or all countries, and you have little to no idea on how to get there, get around and/or get across, this post can serve as your guide! Kenya Famed for its savannas that stretch out into the horizon... Read more
Tanzania VS Kenya: A Point-by-Point Comparison of the Top 2 Safari Destinations

When you think of an authentic African safari, East Africa’s Tanzania and Kenya always stand out. Both countries feature a sensational African scenery, superior game-viewing, and a series of bucket-list activities that defy comparison. Not to mention these are the only places where you can see the iconic Great Wildebeest Migration. However, due to its prestige that echoes throughout the world, many people are left with the question: Which of the two offers the bes... Read more
The Rise of Group-Joining Safari and What it's Like!

You see, Africa is often associated with luxury: grand villas, extravagant tented camps with private dipping pools or jacuzzi, fully-customized luxury safari vehicles and many more. True, Africa has a lot of these. But beyond what the brochures tell you is a wilder adventure that comes with budget traveling, including group-joining safaris. Group-joining safaris: What and Why Group-joining safaris have increasingly become popular these days. It is a type of sa... Read more
Top 10 Instagrammable Places in Tanzania

Let’s face it. Social media influences many of our choices. In fact, when planning a trip or even a lunch date with friends, we always take into account how Instagram-worthy the place (or even the food) is! Well, if you’re traveling to Tanzania or are already in Tanzania, good news: The country is brimming with Insta-worthy pizzazz!From breathtaking landscapes and expansive shorelines to jaw-dropping wildlife, vibrant people and unique experiences to histo... Read more
What to Expect in a Safari in Tanzania

Almost everyone dreams of going to a safari in Tanzania, arguably the best safari destination in the world. To some, it’s another tick off the bucket list; to others, it’s a dream wildlife experience; and to some others, it’s passion. Whatever the reason for traveling, there is always that inner anxiety on what to expect in a safari in Tanzania. Well, to ease up the suspense, here are the 9 things you can look forward to: #1 Diverse landscapes Tanzania is bles... Read more
How to Plan a Safari Trip For Your Family

What could be more exciting than seeing your kids encounter animals in the wild and not in a zoo? Family safaris in Africa SHOULD be a trip of a lifetime – one that each of you can remember and share stories forever. However, before being able to tick off this item on your bucket list, you need to know certain things like when are where to go, where to stay, what’s best for the kids, etc. This guide will tell you all about how to plan a safari trip for your fami... Read more
Tanzania: Serengeti Voted Best African Safari Park 2018

Once again, the Serengeti in Tanzania has been named the best African Safari Park for 2018 by one of the topmost leading online emporium for safari tours. SafariBookings conducted the analysis by collecting data from safari tourists who come from 72 different countries as well as a panel of travel experts including renowned guidebook authors associated with Lonely Planet, Frommer’s and Rough Guides. Serengeti: 2018 Best Safari Park After over 2,500 reviews,... Read more
Top Safaris from Arusha Tanzania

When one plans of going to Tanzania, it is most likely that the city of Arusha will appear in at least one or two of the search pages. Why? Arusha is the main hub for top safari parks especially in the northern safari circuit of Tanzania. This includes Serengeti, Mount Kilimanjaro, and Ngorongoro Crater. Additionally, Arusha holds domestic and international airports and public transportation hubs that connect to other major cities on the continent. In this article,... Read more
Gosheni Safaris Receives Another Certificate of Excellence Award

EAST AFRICA, June 2018 — Once again, Gosheni Safaris has been awarded the Certificate of Excellence for 2018 by TripAdvisor due to its consistent accumulation of excellent reviews from travelers across the globe. Thanks to the staff and stakeholders’ hard work as well as the clients’ trust, Gosheni has been receiving this award since 2015 consecutively and is tirelessly working to continue to provide an outstanding level of service. “We treat our cust... Read more
Tanzania Safari Guide from China

请阅读中文版 坦桑尼亚 旅 行 指 南 According to official data, the number of Chinese tourists have significantly increased in 2017 and is expected to rise by over 40% this year. This is not a surprise, really. Tanzania is naturally endowed with scores of beauty and wonder. [gallery indents="true" link="none" size="full" ids="13837,13841,13835" orderby="rand"] So why is Tanzania a must-visit country? #1 “Real Africa” 真正的非洲 Close your ... Read more
2019 Tanzania vs South Africa as a Safari Destination

Materializing a dream-come-true Africa vacation is a rare experience. For many travelers, the ultimate question usually is: Which country should I go? Tanzania or South Africa? With so many fantastic safari locations in the continent, choosing between Tanzania vs South Africa as a safari destination makes it quite a challenge. In this article, we’ll help you choose your most ideal destination. In a nutshell, travelers who are looking into focusing on an authentic... Read more
Routes and Cost To Climb Kilimanjaro

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest peak is a major highlight in any East African trip. The beauty of it is, various routes are available for any kind of traveler. Whether you are a beginner, an intermediate trekker or an experienced mountaineer, there is always a perfect route for you! The question is: How much does it cost to climb Kilimanjaro? In a nutshell Depending on the route you take and the number of days you spend on the trek, a climb to Kilim... Read more
Why Ngorongoro Conservation Area is a must-visit in Tanzania

  When people plan for their bucket-list adventure in Tanzania, Serengeti National Park always comes to mind first. Sure, there’s the Great Migration and the Lion King setting — both fantastic reasons that make ditching the Serengeti impossible. But Tanzania has so much more to offer and it would be a total bummer to miss out on them. Particularly the renowned Ngorongoro Conservation Area. So why is Ngorongoro Conservation Area a must-visit in Tanzania?... Read more
8 reasons why Tanzania is the best safari country

Frequently voted as the best country to visit when searching for wildlife, there are many reasons to choose a Tanzania safari over other African nations. Not only does the country boast one of the broadest ranges of wildlife on the continent, many of the parks still exist without any boundary fences, rare in the modern world and delivering a much more authentic safari experience. Wildlife that is truly – wild. In the latest analysis by Safari Booking, from over ... Read more
Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro, with its three volcanic cones, "Kibo", "Mawenzi", and "Shira", is a dormant volcano in Tanzania. It is the highest mountain in Africa, and rises approximately 4,900 m from its base to 5,895 meters above sea level. Indeed, being on top of this towering glory is a once in a lifetime experience you shouldn’t miss. Mount Kilimanjaro Routes There are seven established routes to climb Mount Kilimanjaro - Marangu, Machame, Lem... Read more
What to wear on your Tanzania Safari

Planning what to wear and essentials to bring on your upcoming safari in Tanzania is not all that complicated. Everything you need is most likely in your closet already! Our clothing suggestions apply for all seasons on a Tanzania safari while different guidelines apply if your route is to the peak of Mt. Kilimanjaro or heading down to the famous Zanzibar beach. Tanzania Weather The best wildlife viewing months in Tanzania are during the Dry season from late June ... Read more
Gosheni Safaris Wins Tripadvisor's Certificate of Excellence Hall of Fame

We are pleased to announce that Gosheni Safaris receives Tripadvisor's Certificate of Excellence Hall of Fame, an award only a few best companies are able to gain. This award is only given to companies who earned a Certificate of Excellence every year for the past five years, and we're ever grateful to receive this, but most importantly it inspired us more to continuously provide quality service and satisfaction to our customers. This award means a lot to us, but th... Read more