South Africa Safari

Explore the diverse offerings of South Africa, where modern infrastructure meets breathtaking wildlife adventures, perfect for families seeking unforgettable experiences.

About South Africa Safari

With a vast selection of wildlife destinations spread across the country, nature enthusiasts are spoilt for choice. What sets South Africa apart from many other destinations, is the diverse habitats where wildlife can be encountered, ranging from the desert to mixed woodlands, savanna and more. This means that you can expect to see a fantastic array of fauna and flora in both public and private reserves. South Africa also promises the best chance to view the Big 5 and various endangered species like African wild dogs and rhinos. Our select destinations promise fantastic accommodations and world-class guides.


Year-round Safari

Enjoy excellent sightings throughout the year.

Big 5

The Big 5 are well represented at numerous parks and reserves.


Over 950 species are recorded in the country.


From mountains to deserts to forests to savanna.

Endangered Predators

View endangered cheetahs and wild dogs in their natural habitat.

Most Popular South Africa Tours

Experience the thrill of a lifetime on a South Africa safari, where dreams of the wild come alive. Choose from our all time popular safari tours.

3 Days Riverside Tented Safaris South Africa
5 Days Exclusive South Africa Safari
3 Days Adventure Kruger Tented Safari

Top Safari Destinations

Discover South Africa’s top safari spots, home to the famous Big Five and captivating African wildlife adventures. Dive into unforgettable experiences at parks like Kruger National Park, where nature’s beauty and wild animals await.

Kruger National Park

South Africa’s largest national park boasts the Big 5 and a wide range of accommodations to suit all budgets.

Madikwe Game Reserve

a public-private partnership that offers an exclusive Big 5 experience in a malaria-free area, at an affordable price.

Addo Elephant National Park

South Africa’s second most popular national park combines perfectly with a coastal holiday along the Garden Route.

Hluhluwe–iMfolozi Park

Africa’s oldest national park is home to the Big 5 and incredible multi-day wilderness trails and rhino tracking.

Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park

Straddling the South Africa-Botswana border, this seemingly inhospitable desert landscape is rich in life, especially the big cats.

Sabi-Sands Private Nature Reserve

Part of the Greater Kruger, this is the best place in the world to see leopards. The reserve boasts numerous world-class lodges.

Timbavati Private Nature Reserve

Part of the Greater Kruger, this is rugged Big 5 country, tamed only by a selection of first-class lodges.

Pilanesberg National Park

Although relatively small, this extinct volcano is home to the Big 5 – and just a short distance from Johannesburg.

Select tours based on when you will come

Pick a month
Tours By Month
5 Days Classic South Africa Safari
South Africa-11
7 Days Kruger and Zululand Safari
Kruger National Park-4
5 Days Luxury Kruger Safari
3 Days Thornybush Tented Safari South Africa

Best Time To Go​

The national parks and private reserves are spread over an extensive habitat and climate range. The best wildlife viewing is in winter (May to September). However, the favorable summer climate (October to March) means most people visit at this time.

May to September (Best wildlife viewing)

High season: October to March (Crowded during school holidays)
Low season: April to September (Uncrowded)

Best weather: April to May and September to October (Mild weather)
Worst weather: June to August (Dry but cold)

What to do before or after the safari

Explore supplementary destinations and activities to enrich your travel experience to the fullest extent possible.

Frequently Asked Questions About Soouth Africa Safari

Get answers to common questions about traveling to South Africa Safari for a hassle-free experience.
What is the best way to fly to South Africa for a safari?
The best way to fly to South Africa for a safari is by choosing a direct flight to one of the major international airports, such as O.R. Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg or Cape Town International Airport, if available from your departure city. For those without direct options, select routes with minimal layovers and the shortest total travel time. Consider airlines known for comfort on long-haul routes.
Yes, vaccines for Hepatitis A, Typhoid, and possibly Yellow Fever are recommended. Consult a travel doctor for personalized advice.
Yes, especially within national parks and reserves. Always be aware of your surroundings and follow safety guidelines.
Light, neutral-colored clothing, wide-brimmed hat, sunscreen, insect repellent, binoculars, camera, personal medications, and a first-aid kit.
Visa requirements vary by nationality. Check with the South African embassy or consulate in your country.
In urban areas and most lodges, yes. In rural areas, prefer bottled water.
The South African Rand (ZAR). Credit cards are widely accepted, but some local currency is advisable.
Respect and politeness are key. South Africa is culturally diverse; learning basic phrases in local languages can be appreciated.
The “Big Five” (lion, leopard, rhinoceros, elephant, Cape buffalo), cheetahs, giraffes, hippos, and various bird species.
In some regions, yes. Consult a travel doctor for advice on malaria prophylaxis.
South African Standard Time (SAST), UTC +2.
Yes, consider buying a local SIM card for better rates.
Renting a car offers flexibility. Domestic flights are available for long distances.
From luxury lodges and tented camps to more affordable rest camps in national parks.
Yes, for good service, 10-15% in restaurants and tips for guides and safari lodge staff.
A mix of meat dishes, local specialties like biltong, and vegetarian options, reflecting South Africa’s diverse culture.

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