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Tipping Guide in Africa

When going to a different place, tipping is most often approached with great trepidation. Should I tip? If so, how much? Sometimes, it even causes unnecessary travel anxiety. So if you plan to go to Africa anytime soon, or you’re planning for your African adventure, here’s a guide to tell you all about tipping in Africa.


First of all, tipping in Africa is not a compulsory affair. It is only done on the merit of good service; a simple appreciation for a job well done. Ultimately, it is up to you if you are going to hand tips and if so, how much. Of course, these tips are adjustable according to your experience and the quality of service you get. Generally, tourists tip higher when they’re pleased for outstanding assistance and low to average for mediocre services. Again, it is all up to you.

While a number of people work to make your trip or safari an unforgettable one, the question is, who should you tip?

● Tip for great service. You are not obligated to tip everyone who attends to you but you can always hand out a little gratuity at your discretion even to those you think are “just doing their jobs”.

● “Professionals” are usually not tipped. These include pilots, cabin crew, managers, sales assistants, property owners, and medical workers.

● Tip the front-liners. Guides, drivers, trackers, porters, waitresses, waiters and spa therapists and petrol attendants are normally tipped.

● Don’t forget the behind-the-scenes staff. Always remember that there are those who work behind the scenes to make your experience pleasant and without whom, your entire experience may be different. Think housekeepers, chefs, gardeners, guards, maintenance workers, and poaching units.


tipping culture

Often, you will find that the front liners in this industry are earning a basic living wage only and often times doesn’t have benefits included such as Health Insurance, Paid Sick Leave, Vacation Leaves etc. This, unfortunately, happens more often than not in this industry and while you should always try to book with companies that pay decent salaries and benefits to their staff, these are still the people where tipping will make a big difference in their lives and often a much-needed supplement to their normal wage.

Tips are also more than just a “thank you” for driving you around, for showing you the Big Five, or for making you a hearty meal. These are the people you will spend the most time with on your trip so an appreciation and acknowledgment for the things they do beyond their apparent duties are greatly appreciated.

● Long working hours. Workers, both front-liners and back-end crew, usually start their shift very early to prepare for things like guests’ coffee and breakfast, safari vehicle, and other chores to maintain running a sleek facility. To add to that, they also stay even after all the activities, way past your nightcap. All these to ensure your comfortable stay and superb experience.

● The extra mile. Every little thing that would make your overall travel experience something you ever dreamt of like going back to a part of the park to witness a predator action, searching for the mammal or bird you’re eyeing to see, proactively preparing your favorite drink, or even remember your name. These tiny little details deserve some recognition.

● The travel expense. Majority of the staff live far away from the property or facility. Some of them even live in rural areas or towns that aren’t that easy to get to. Your tip can greatly help them with the costs of traveling back and forth every day.

 The time away from home. Being away from home especially to loved ones is not an easy thing but because game parks are usually too far away, most staff goes on duty for several weeks at a time and hence, only see their families seldom or after a long absence at home.

You see, your tip will really go a long way and it’s not only helpful in terms of financial support but also emotional. Sure, safari packages can be expensive especially if you’re on a luxury safari but know that these costs do not only cover service salaries and property use. It also covers park concession fees, maintenance, food and beverages, WiFi, electricity or solar power facilities, security, and many more.


The amount of tip will basically depend on you – your budget, your experience, your ***. For meals at restaurants or bars, at the least tip 10 percent of the bill is generally given. For bars where you only get a bottle or two of drink, you can just leave the change. Really, it all depends on you. To give you a rough guide on tipping, here’s a ballpark of how much to tip in Africa:

● Porters: 1-2 USD per bag

● Gas station attendants: 1-2 USD

● Cab driver: Based on your total fare, round up to the nearest 10

● Restaurants: Tip a minimum of 10 percent of your bill unless a service charge is already included

● Tour Guide: 15-30 USD/couple a day

● Safari Driver: 15-30 USD/couple a day

● Tracker/Spotter: 15-30 USD/couple a day

● Airport/hotel transfers: 1-2 USD

● Personal butlers: 5-10 USD per day

● Cooks during mountain treks: 5-10 USD per day

Of course, this is just a general guide and you are very welcome to adjust the amount. Most safari camps also have tipping boxes where you can just drop your tips and the total amount will be later on divided to the staff. This is a way to “tip” camp staff that you don’t necessarily interact with everyday. Also, here are general *** for specific countries in Africa when it comes to tipping:


● Normally, people tip Maasai dancers after performing their traditional dances.

● Tipping Kilimanjaro crew (guides, cooks, porters, etc.) is also a norm, especially if the trek to the summit is successful.

● It is common to hand tips to hotel staff, porters, skippers and PADI staff in Zanzibar.

● It is not common to hand tips to spa attendants and taxi drivers, but tipping for outstanding service is always appreciated.

● Giving material things instead of cash is also an acceptable and charming gesture whether it is to a child who just helped you or lead you the way (you can give the “tip” in a form of a gift instead of money) or to your Kilimanjaro crew – climbing gears, useful climbing attires, gloves, etc. will be highly appreciated.


● Normally, people tip Maasai dancers after performing their traditional dances.

● Tips in Kenya are expected to be in Kenyan shillings.

● It’s common to hand tips to spa attendants per treatment. For example, you get a manicure and a massage, you will tip twice. Rule of the thumb is 100 KES per treatment.


● Tips are expected to be given in Rand. However, some places accept USD.

● Rovos Rail staff expects to tip.

● It is common to hand tips to petrol attendants, golf caddies as well as car guards.


● It is common to hand tips to hotel staff, porters, skippers and golf caddies.

● Restaurant bills usually include sales tax. In which case, tipping is not expected. However, it is totally up to you especially if you find the service and/or food exceptionally tip-worthy.


● It is common to hand tips tohotel staff, porters, skippers, PADI staff and golf caddies.


tipping culture

● Put in an envelope via the manager. If there is someone you specifically want to tip (especially if it’s a large amount), say in a safari camp, and you can’t find the person or you can’t see that person for some reason, you can place your tip inside an envelope with the person’s name written on it and hand it to the camp manager.

● Drop in a tip box. Most hotels, camps, etc. has a tip box in the main area or lounge. There are also times there’s a specific box for each (your guide, tracker, etc.).

● Direct hand-over. You can always hand out the tip directly to the staff you want to give gratuity.

 Leave in your accommodation/lodging. This is another way to eliminate the possible awkward tipping phase. However, staff may think it is something you’ve forgotten so it is very possible that they will run after you to “return” your cash.

● Credit card bill. Although not universally available, facilities with credit card machines can add your tip on your bill. Just let them know and they will handle it for you.



Frankly, not tipping is frowned upon in a culture like Africa where salary is not like Europe. We know that the tips really help them, their kids etc. so if you know in your heart you are in a position to give, we highly recommend this. This is better than giving charity because you actually reward a service well done. If for a reason you are really not in a position to do so, then of course it will not be forced on you.


Yes. Tipping is ultimately up to you, unless the particular property/facility bills you a service charge, for example in some fancy restaurants.


Tipping is per your discretion. Nobody goes to jail for not tipping. Aside from cash, material gifts are highly appreciated or even just leaving your change behind. You can also purchase from local stores and let them keep the change or perhaps buy it for a higher price, if you may. Of course, a simple thank you is also well received.


Yes, just let us know and we will give an estimate to add on top of your tour.


Yes. Again, tipping is per your discretion. You can tip certain staff higher amount or you can tip some of them nothing at all, depending on your experience. We do recommend giving even just a little amount for their service, though.


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August 8, 2023
Asante Gosheni and espacially Hassan Nous tenons à recommander Hassan car nous venons de passer un séjour mémorable avec lui. Grâce à son expérience, sa connaissance parfaite du monde animal et des parcs, Hassan nous a permis de voir de nombreux animaux en étant extrêmement bien placé.
Bien évidemment les big five (même le rhinocéros!), la traversée de la rivière par les gnous et bien d'autres animaux.
En faisant un safari avec Hassan vous trouverez tout ce que vous êtes venus chercher.
A l'avenir si nous décidons de refaire un safari, nous voudrions repartir avec Hassan.
Myriam D
Myriam D
August 8, 2023
Hassan is the best guide !!!! Nous avons eu la chance de faire un safari de 8 jours dans les parcs nationaux du nord de la Tanzanie avec Hassan comme guide. Hassan est un guide très expérimenté.
Grâce à lui et sa grande expérience nous avons découvert et appris énormément de choses sur la Tanzanie, les animaux, les végétaux etc. Hassan est un véritable passionné qui aime transmettre son savoir.
En plus de ses connaissances, Hassan a un véritable œil de lynx et sais débusquer le moindre animal caché.
Grâce à Hassan nous avons eu la chance de voir beaucoup d’animaux et tous ceux du « Big Five ».
Parmi tous les véhicules présents lors des safaris, Hassan sait se frayer un chemin pour nous permettre d’avoir toujours le meilleur point de vue.
Hassan sait où se placer pour nous permettre d’avoir une vue sans égal sur les animaux, en les observant de très près.
Hassan est également un excellent conducteur. La route n’a aucun secret pour lui.
C’est également un guide très attentionné, toujours aux petits soins pour nous et d’une extrême gentillesse.
Nous recommandons Hassan les yeux fermés et si nous devions refaire un safari, nous demanderons d’être guidés par Hassan sans hésitation.
Merci encore à Hassan pour ces merveilleux moments qui resterons gravés dans notre mémoire !!
bonny l
bonny l
August 6, 2023
amazing Safari experience wiz gosheni nice trip wiz our amazing guide Samir We saw all the wild animals during Safari
thx a lot for the thoughtful and excellent service
highly recommend
August 6, 2023
愉快的非洲之旅 幸运的选择了gosheni Safari,我们的向导samir服务非常好,小朋友们都很喜欢他,非洲五霸除了犀牛没有看到外,其他都替我们找到了,寻找动物经验丰富,在超远的地方就能看到目标。可以在众多的车子中抢到一个很好的观赏位,办事灵活。
Vladimir T
Vladimir T
August 6, 2023
Great experience! Great experience! Starting from the trip planning the communications were very clear and smooth to organize the tour and select itinerary. In the end we opted for 5 days/4 nights route including the Tarangire, Serengeti and Lake Manyara nations parks as well as a visit to the Ngorongoro crater. The tour itself was excellent and very punctual, here kudos to our guide Wilson who is very experienced and knowledgeable about his job and also went well beyond his duty and gave us a nice summary of country’s history. It was really a pleasure to spend time with him and we managed to see the big 5:) Accommodations were superb: great camps, an amazing farmhouse close to Ngorongoro, meals were also good and picnic lunches well organized.
In summary the experience was highly satisfying, I sincerely recommend Gosheni Safaris and to ask for Wilson as a guide.
Allison B
Allison B
August 5, 2023
Great Taste of Tanzania Had a great 5-day tour. Our guide James was very dedicated to making sure we saw amazing sights. He asked us our favorite animals to see and made it his mission to help us spot them. The food was good, the lodging was very pleasant, and enjoying a glass of wine on lunches was a nice touch. Favorite lodging was definitely the Farmhouse by Ngorongoro. Beautiful landscapes along the entire tour, covered a lot of ground and got a great introduction to Tanzania.
Sukhraj S
Sukhraj S
August 5, 2023
Gosheni number 1 What an unforgettable 6 days, courtesy of Gosheni Safari and our guide/driver Zadock!!!
I booked this holiday back in 2020 but then had to cancel due to Covid. That was after a lot of research of tour companies and finally picking Ghosheni. The time was right to get this once in a lifetime trip set up again, so working via email with William at Gosheni we compiled the agenda…he was so helpful and we settled on one day in Tarangire, one day in Lake Manyara, three days in Serengeti and one day in Ngorongoro Crater…I’m now on the way to Zanzibar after an amazing experience, Gosheni took care of the whole package for my wife, three teenage sons and I.

Our guide and driver was Zadock, a humble, honest, genuine, proud and generous man. He did absolutely everything for us, answered every question and took us to all the places to see the big five up close, hunts and more.

The food was served every lunch time as a picnic, with plates, blanket, wtc whilst others had lunch boxes. The Jeep was cleaned daily, and was extremely comfortable along the difficult rough terrain…a credit to Zadock.

Zadock had so much knowledge not only of the animal kingdom’s hundreds of species but also the history of Tanzania, Africa, politics, and social customs, we felt as though he was part of our family.

Thankyou Zadock and Gosheni, I very rarely write reviews after holidays and I have travelled extensively around the world, but these guys are special and have made this so memorable for my family and I….I recommend to everyone if you are unsure about who, how, what, these guys will sort out the whole trip and at a very reasonable price.

Well done William, Gosheni and Zadock, and I really hope you get to be recognised as the number one tour company in Tanzania!
Eric W
Eric W
August 4, 2023
Extraordinary Safari with Gosheni I am so glad to have Gosheni as our tour operator. They provide excellent service starting from arranging the tour till the end of our safari.
As our city had quarantine arrangement due to COVID-19, we were so worry about our trip. Luckily, Gosheni is so considerate and try their best endeavors to rearrange our scedule. With their assistance, everything is set and we feel comfortable for all of their kind arrangements.

During the safari, we have a terrific tour guide, Edward! He takes care of all the stuff and administration including liaison with hotels, lunch packing, other add-on safaris so that we can fully enjoy the trip.

Not only Edward spots a lot a lot of animals and birds for us, including the top 5 in the trip, he also introduces us the habitat and features of the animals and birds. We are very impressed by his rich knowledge and do enjoy listening the "stories" of the animals.

Edwward is definitely experienced and propose the best programme during the safari, e.g. he tries to maximise our time for the game drive in different locations and tribe visit. We fully trust his expertise and professionalism.

We are very happy with Edward and Gosheni. We will absolutely consider them in our next Africam safari.
Priyank S
Priyank S
August 4, 2023
Amazing Safari with Gosheni and Ombeni Our guide, Ombeni, was the best part of our trip. He is really knowledgeable, friendly, and we trusted his expertise for the whole 9 days across Tarangire, Serengeti, and Ngorongoro. We were lucky to see some amazing things on our game drives. Having grown up in Kenya, I have been lucky to go on many safaris, and this is one of the best I've been on.
The food was excellent, and even on the all-day game drives we had a cooked, sit-down meal for lunch which was a big plus point. All the accommodation was excellent as well.

We had a bespoke itinerary which we planned in advance with William from Gosheni, and he was extremely helpful in answering our questions and accommodating our requests.

I would highly recommend Gosheni and especially Ombeni for future travels.
August 4, 2023
Dreams come true!!! Thanks to best guide Hassani I have been dreaming Serengeti Safari tour for a long time and Gosheni Safaris made my dreams come true. We completed our 5 days safari at the end of July and it was wonderful. We visited Central Serengeti, North Serengeti and Ngorongoro.
The company is very professional from beginning to end. Peter the owner of Gosheni Safaris helped us a lot about planning our itinary. I asked too many questions and he replied all of them everytime. Sometimes he can be in the bush and has no internet connection but be sure he always will reply your questions. Just be sure that you are in safe hands and Hakuna Matata☺️

Our guide was Hassani who is a perfect guide, safari driver, friend and everything. He always did his best to show us as much as possible. We always felt safe and witnessed lots of amazing moments by help of Hassani. Beside being a perfect safari guide, he prepared very nice lunch tables every afternoon. He is very funny person and makes lots of jokes during the safari. I higly recommend Gosheni Safaris which is best one and Hassani who is a very good guide. I want to thank Hassani in person for making our safari perfect and looking forward to meet again🙏🏻

Tips: I recommend ‘Morning Hot air Balloon safari’.