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Africa consists of multiple beautiful destinations for hiking and trekking. We have collected some of the best parks, mountains, and land formations in the continent, and we provide tailor-made itineraries to explore these areas. With our experienced guides, we help countless climbers, mountaineers, and adventurers explore different destinations safely. Mount Meru, Volcanoes National Park, and Mt. Kilimanjaro are just a few of the places we offer to experience. Gorilla and chimpanzee trekking are some of the most popular activities in our list, which tons of tourists look forward to experiencing. Our services for Hiking and Trekking are customizable, too. We can help you arrange your tours depending on your budget and goals. Traversing the hills of Africa is not an activity anyone must take lightly. Trekking the mountains, forests, and parks require the assistance of people who expertly know the areas, which Gosheni Safari has been providing to customers for years. Climb and witness yourself the beauty of African mountains, forests, and jungles with us. We have knowledgeable guides who can assist you all throughout your adventure. If you desire to hike alone, our itineraries can also help you explore the right places that suit your travel preferences including lodging types and trails. Hiking and trekking are some of the most ravishing activities to consider when you travel to Africa.

Hiking and Trekking Tours

9 Days Kilimanjaro Summit Climbing Lemosho Route

Lemosho is considered the most beautiful route on Kilimanjaro and grants panoramic vistas on various sides of the mountain. On this 8 day Lemosho route, the trek from Barranco to Barafu is divided into 2 days, allowing for a shorter period prior to t

8 Days Mt. Kilimanjaro Climbing Summit - Machame Route

Machame, known as the "Whiskey" route, is a popular route to the mountain. Compared with Marangu, the days on Machame are longer and the walks are steeper. It is considered a difficult route, better suited for more adventurous folks, and th

7 Days Marangu Route

Also known as the “Coca Cola route” – the Marangu route is one of the most popular routes leading to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. Many hikers believe that the Marangu route is the easiest route to Uhuru peak, since it is the onl

7 Days Rongai Route

The Rongai route ascends Kilimanjaro from the northeastern side of the mountain, along the border between Tanzania and Kenya. This route retains a sense of unspoilt wilderness and offers a different perspective of Kilimanjaro by approaching it from t

7 Days Shira Route

Shira Plateau is one of the most scenic and most fascinating areas of Kilimanjaro and offers magnificent views of Mt. Meru and the Great Rift Valley. Shira route is only offered to hikers who are already acclimatized to 4000m. Depending on weather co

7 Days Umbwe Route

The Umbwe Route is widely regarded as the hardest trail, a tough vertical slog through the jungle, in places using the tree roots as makeshift rungs on a ladder. Because of the high risks involved with sleeping at Arrow Glacier camp and summiting via

10 Days Northern Circuit Route

Instead of following the southern traverse like all the other west approaching routes, the Northern Circuit traverses the mountain around the quiet, rarely visited northern slopes. While you trek, you will see nearly 360 degrees of beautiful scenery

5 Days Mount Meru Trekking

Mount Meru is located in the heart of Arusha National Park and it is 50 miles west of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Mt. Meru is a massive volcano reaching 14,980 feet (4,565 meters). This trek serves as an ideal warm up for Mt. Kilimanjaro due to its altitude acc

4 Days Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Safari

Visit Rwanda's main highlight: the endangered great apes... Did you know that there are only about 900 mountain gorillas left in the world? There are only 3 places to see them and one of the best is in Rwanda. In this Gorilla Trekking Safari

3 Days Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Safari

Visit Rwanda's main highlight: the endangered great apes... Did you know that there are only about 900 mountain gorillas left in the world? There are only 3 places to see them and one of the best is in Rwanda. In this Gorilla Trekking Safari

4 Days Rwanda Gorilla Trekking and Lake Kivu Safari

Explore the Scenic Volcanoes National Park and relax along the beautiful Lake Kivu. These sites are two of Rwanda’s most stunning spots. Volcanoes National Park is where you track globally endangered Mountain Gorillas as well as Golden Mon

5 Days Volcanoes National Park Gorilla Trekking Safari

Volcanoes National Park is otherwise known as Parc Nationals de Volcans (PNV). The stunning area protects five of the nine staggeringly beautiful Virunga Mountains, each characterized by steep slopes that are blanketed in a thick green, tro

3 Days Volcanoes National Park Gorilla Trekking Safari

Come and enjoy a lifetime experience of tracking the endangered Silver-back Gorillas. This trek will take place in Volcanoes National Park through the tropical rainforest in search for some of the only mountain gorillas that are left in the


Escarpment Luxury Lodge

Somewhere in Mto wa Mbu is a luxurious lodging tastefully furnished with elegant amenities, yet still built with a traditional African theme. Escarpme

Endoro Lodge

Endoro Lodge is your own oasis in Karatu. It’s a comfortable and relaxing lodging in Lake Manyara Road, surrounded by lush greens and flourishing pl

Arusha Crown Hotel

Arusha Crown Hotel is one of the reputable accommodations in Tanzania that offers a convenient location for a city tour as well as for guests going on

Serengeti Serena Safari Lodge

Facing the Serengeti National Park is the beautiful Serengeti Serena Safari Lodge near the Grumeti River. Get to live in a traditional African themed

The Outpost

Located inside the magical Makuleke Contract Park is South Africa’s The Outpost. This lodging’s every corner is a sweet treat to the sight. Its de