Kenya Game Reserves to Explore for the Entire Family

A giraffe walking to the left at Masai Mara with the back drop of a big full moon
Kenya remains one of the best tourist destinations for families looking to go on a wildlife safari. Whether you are longing for a wild adventure or aiming for a nice holiday exploring the wild, a Kenyan family safari holiday will make for some pretty amazing experiences. There is an unlimited variety of places, Kenya reserves to visit and enjoy the country’s abundant wildlife. From the wildebeest’s migration in the Masai Mara to seeing throngs of elephants in Amboseli National Park and the beautiful flocks of flamingoes in Lake Nakuru, among others, Kenya is definitely your preferred destination. It also hosts a number of communities with a vast history and mix of culture that adds to the allure of the region and a chance for you and your family to explore.

1. Maasai Mara National Reserve

A family of elephants at Masai Mara national park Located in the Great Rift Valley, the Masai Mara Reserve is one of the World’s most breathtaking game reserves. It is one of the most famous Kenya reserves as it is one of only two places on earth to host the annual Great Migration. In fact, this event is one of the top reasons to go on a Masai Mara safari. Here, you and your family can witness millions of wildebeests, zebras, and gazelles as they make their way in from the neighboring Serengeti plains in Tanzania. The Mara is encompassed on a vast scenery of grasslands lined with acacia trees across the huge landscape. It’s named after the Maasai people who live and graze their animals in the park. They have retained their vibrant culture for centuries, and you may be lucky to interact with them. Other than that, the Mara remains a great Kenyan tour destination all year round. It’s home to diversity and abundance of other wildlife including, the big five.

2. Lake Nakuru National Park

Known for its vibrant flock of pink flamingoes, Lake Nakuru is a great tourist destination for the whole family. The colorful flamingoes are so many that at first glance, lake Nakuru appears in a soft pink hue The shallow soda lake is surrounded by an unspoiled scenic landscape and a beautiful waterfall flanked by rich bushy grasslands. Here, you’ll get to see different wildlife like white rhinos, baboons, waterbucks, and lions, as well as diverse bird species. The main activities you and your family can engage in include; walking family safaris, game drives, and bird watching.

3. Amboseli National Park

Elephant at Amboseli NP with the backdrop of mount kilimanjaro Amboseli is famous for being the best place in Africa to see free-ranging elephants among other wildlife species, up close. If you and your family are nature lovers, then you’ll be pleased to know that you can explore four different habitats here ranging from wetlands with sulfur springs, woodlands, savannahs, and the dried-up bed of Lake Amboseli, all trampled by hundreds of animals at some point. Another distinguishing feature of this park is it boasts a backdrop of Africa’s highest mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro. You can also visit the local Maasai community around the park and get a glimpse of their fascinating culture. It would be a great educational experience for you and the kids.

4. Mount Kenya National Park

At almost 5200 meters, Mount Kenya is Africa’s second tallest mountain in Africa and one of the best destinations for a Kenya nature safari. The scenery surrounding this designated UNESCO World Heritage Site is simply jawdropping, with its pristine wilderness, lakes, tarns, glaciers, dense forest, and mineral springs. The park is also home to a selection of wildlife, including elephants, tree hyrax, white-tailed mongoose, elands, black-fronted duiker, and bushbucks. The unique montane and alpine vegetation also make for some good photographic opportunities, which you and your family can use as backdrops for your next special family photo — the kind you frame and hang on the wall of your home. There are several accommodation options within Mount Kenya National Park and you can be sure of finding at least one that caters to your family’s preferences.

5. Samburu National Reserve

Tigers at Samburu NP near a body of water Though not as popular as other Kenya reserves, Samburu is rich in wildlife and is home to rare species like the Grevy Zebra, Beisa Oryx, Gerenuk, Somali Ostrich, and Reticulated Giraffe. Game drives here often follow the meandering river in the park where you are almost always sure to come across various animals – from a pride of lions lapping water to a herd of elephants, or even a pack of wild dogs to a flight of graceful impalas. Birdlife is also abundant here with over 450 species recorded, including the Great Egret, White-headed Vulture, and the Martial Eagle. If the aim of your family safari is to see abundant wildlife at every turn, then Samburu National Reserve is the place to be. Want to know more about our Kenya tours for families? Get in touch with us today by calling or filling out our contact form. We’ll be happy to help you decide on the best Kenya safari destinations based on your family’s preferences. Ready for an epic family adventure in Kenya? Here are some tours for you! 9 Days High-End Road and Air Safari Kenya 9 Days Rift Valley Walking Masai Mara Safari

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